Panel Upgrades

25 Years, 1,000s of Panel Upgrades, 1,000s of Homes Served

electrical-panel-upgradeAre you constantly flipping your breaker? Have you upgraded your home’s appliances recently? It may be time for an electrical panel upgrade. Will Spurlock has been providing panel upgrades and service changes for over 25 years. If you’re are upgrading your electrical service, we can recommend a high quality panel and install it for you. Still wondering if a panel upgrade is the next step? Learn more about electrical service upgrades.


Electrical Panels

Your main electrical panel box provides electricity for your entire home. From your main electrical panel, you can turn on/off the power to your entire home or reset specific circuit breakers. If you own an older home, it’s important to have an electrical inspection of your panel to ensure it is up to safety codes and meets the capacity requirements of the appliances you’re running. The main electrical panel may require upgrading or a full replacement. As appliances become more high-tech and electronic features advance, the need to keep your service panel up to date will become more critical. We offer a free diagnostic with any service!


How Do I Know If I Need a Panel Upgrade?

Look for the following signs that a service change is needed:

  • Flickering or Dimming Lights
  • Crackling or buzzing sounds from your electrical panel box
  • Circuit breakers trip frequently


Types of Breaker Panels

  • Main: Your main panel controls power to the entire building.
  • Subpanel: By installing subpanels you can add more circuits to a certain area.
  • Transfer Switches: Standby switches allow you to switch between main panel and generator power.


Contact Us

Not sure if an outdated panel is the issue? Our team can provide troubleshooting and repair for electrical issues. For more information about your home’s electrical panel contact us. As a retailer of Generac and General Electric we are committed to installing quality products. We install panel upgrades in Buford, Georgia and surrounding communities.