Ceiling Fan Installation

Ceiling fans are an important part of your home’s aesthetics and heating and cooling capabilities. In summer months, ceiling fans keep you comfortable by circulating cooled air. During the winter months, ceiling fans push rising warm air back downward throughout your home and can reduce energy costs. To receive the most energy saving benefits from your ceiling fans and to ensure your safety, hire a licensed electrician in your area for installations and replacements.



If there is no existing ceiling fan, an electrician will install new wiring, a light switch and a new fixture. When installing a new ceiling fan, it’s important to measure ceiling width and height and select the right fan size and placement. Our electricians will also ensure that fans are installed to code for safe and reliable operation.


If there is an existing operating ceiling fan, replacement can be a simple process. Hiring an electrician ensures wiring is compatible with your new ceiling fan. In addition, a professional will make sure that blades are properly balanced and that the base is flush with the ceiling. Without proper ceiling fan installation, fans can be noisy and inefficient.

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