Most electrical systems require a complex installation process, which is why it is important to choose electricians with the necessary credentials and experience. Will Spurlock Electric installs new electrical equipment and repairs existing electrical equipment. Hear from previous customers about their experience with Will Spurlock.

Electrical Installation Services

  • Ceiling Fan InstallationsChoose an energy-conscious ceiling fan based on your style preferences.

  • Lighting Installations: Will Spurlock offers both interior and exterior lighting installation services. 

  • Appliance InstallationWhether you are undergoing a home remodel or simply upgrading your existing appliances, we can help ensure a safe installation.

  • Wire and Circuit InstallationsWe can install wires and circuits within electrical systems so that it is safe and meets National Electric Code. 

  • Generator InstallationsOur electricians can install a generator by connecting it to the wires in an existing electrical system. 

  • Panel Installation and UpgradesSince the electrical panel controls the majority of systems, let the experienced professionals at Will Spurlock correctly complete the installation process for you! 

  • Smoke Detector InstallationOur electricians can implement smoke detectors that adhere to the National Fire Prevention Association’s installation requirements. 

  • Sub Panel Installations: Our sub panel installation service separates circuit breakers so that the source of electricity can be managed in homes or commercial spaces.

  • Surge Protector Installations: Hire a knowledgeable Will Spurlock electrician to install a surge protector inside a meter or electrical panel to protect the distribution of electricity throughout a whole space or a specific location within a space.

  • Carbon Monoxide Detector Installations: Will Spurlock offers piece of mind with our carbon monoxide detector installation service.


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Whatever your electrical installation needs are, Will Spurlock electricians will design a custom installation solution for your home. Call today to request an appointment! We always give a 2 hour service window and follow up to ensure your electrical system is working properly.