Smoke Detector Installation

Will Spurlock Electrical Contractors has been providing electrical installation services since 1991. Located in Buford, Georgia, we have 25 trucks on the road each day to serve you. We hope to exceed your expectations with every appointment and always follow up to make sure you are satisfied with your repair or installation. Our smoke detector installation service gives you peace of mind knowing smoke alarms are installed properly and in the right location of your home. We can help install smoke detectors you have purchased or make a recommendation to you.

Smoke Dectectors

Our team of experienced electricians will help determine where to place smoke alarms and how many you need for your home. Hard-wired smoke detectors are the most reliable alarms on the market; with no batteries to replace you never have to worry. These hard-wired dectors should be installed by a licensed electrician. 

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We install smoke alarms for customers Buford and surrounding Northeast Georgia areas. Request an estimate for more information about smoke detector installation costs for your home.